BYU 2D Projects


Fall Semester of 2022

Painted in Procreate

I took a digital painting class to better understand textures and how to include storytelling in my compositions. For the bar painting, I took someone else’s sketch and built my own story by adding elements and color. For the ocean painting, I was tasked with creating an original painting that told a story that included atmosphere. This painting received an award at BYU’s Landscape Exhibit.


Winter Semester of 2021

Animation students are required to have a basic understanding of drawing, specifically figure drawing. This was important for understanding how to capture energy, the purpose of shapes and lines, as well as capturing liveness while using reference. I pushed myself by practicing and iterating on my weakness - hands.


Winter Semester of 2022

All students, whether we had focused on 2D or 3D, were expected to learn gesture drawing. At first, I was nervous to try to draw from life in a short amount of time. After many iterations, I learned how to apply thoughtful and deliberate embellishment of design elements, proportions, and story. I feel this class enhanced my 3D skills by learning different ways to observe, simplify, clarify, and exaggerate.